Simple student 

Taking expensive software to amateur programmers.

SharpSet is a toolset for completing your student workflow quickly. We create tools for note taking, file uploading, web app hosting and web app deployment. We aim to make our tools lightweight, achieving what they were set out to do with no bloat ware.

Check out the Github to find out more.

Introducing SharpCD CD.
Deploy and Monitor your app's from anywhere.

Deploy your docker-compose app's from the command-line, Github, Gitlab or any CI/CD Tool with deployment error detection. Monitor your app’s uptime and errors using SharpCD Trak.

Introducing SharpDev.
Never forget your Linux commands.

Keep a YAML file of all your small scripts and commands. Can be created per-project and accessible in any sub folder. Supports shell scripting like using if statements and loops.

Introducing SharpRocket.
Add images to your notes.

Using a Rocketbook, scan images and upload them. SharpRocket will look for image codes and add the images into the appropriate box.

Work in progress

Introducing Sharpfiles.
A custom file uploader that runs on your own infrastructure.

Built into the Sharpnet and SharpCD framework, get your own file uploader working within minutes.

Introducing Sharpnet.
Software to integrate NGINX, Certbot and docker into one.

Sharpnet will watch for all new web-app containers and automatically get them on the web with HTTPS. Constantly watches and manages errors to keep the network as stable as possible.